Sunday, February 11, 2007

..Ipod Mini Resurrected!


Sim Lim simply rocks. Among the hundreds of shops in there, I only found 2 selling Ipod Mini batteries. One was on the 6th floor and the other, on the basement. Dang. Well the one on the top floor sold a kit for S$60, and the guy told me it only has a 7-day warranty (his reason was because I intended to install the battery myself). The one below was a scraggly shop but was kind enough to sell me the battery for S$30 (had to buy a precision screwdriver for S$15 though), but it came with a 6-month warranty. Not bad. A S$15 difference, that's good enough for three Happy Meals. Never underestimate the power of happiness.. of getting a good deal that is.

And so the fun begins.

Looks like an Ipod version of Darth Vader. It was a computer in itself, quite interesting. Nuninuninu..

Seagate.. Blech. (I'm a Maxtor fan)

One last look at the naked gadget before I replace the battery.. And voila

"Let us have peace, let us have light.. Let us escape the cruel night.. Let us have time, let the sun shine.. Let us beware the deadly sign.."

YEAH! The Ipod mini is alive once again.. :D


Ryan G. said...

..good for you, hehehe was hoping u'd end up bashing it w/ the hammer!

celes said...

yeah me too! that wouldve been fun hehe... an excuse to buy a new one :p