Saturday, February 03, 2007

3D Post No. 15 - Deconstructivism.. Sort of

This is one of my favorite office design proposals. Back when I was undaunted by my Pentium Xeon 1.5 Ghz 512 Mb RAM office machine to render using GI.. Each of these views (2500 pixels wide) took overnight to render (well probably just a little over 3 hours).

The design theme was applied deconstructivism. Geniuses of this style are Hadid, Libeskind, Koolhaas, and Gehry. It's basically an art style characterized by fragmentation of lines, and non-linear geometry. The more chaotic the lines, the better. Think of building an origami then disarranging the folds. The result is usually an interesting volume. In these set of renders, It was the wall that proved challenging to build.

There is a radical side to deconstructivist details that I am attracted to. One, the 3D modelling is usually a pleasant exercise. And when properly executed, you can't go wrong with any camera angle.

But it was too daring for the client (conservatism, strangely, still exists).. So the concept was scrapped. Because of that sacrilegious revision, the approved design will not be posted here. :p Sorry, I'm imposing a mediocrity ban on this blog. I intend for the better concepts to be kept in memory.

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Ryan G. said...

I agree with you on that note as to show the better concept. Daring design indeed, great for you that at least you can be much involved in the design rather than just CG visualization.