Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Ipod Mini is for Losers

The Ipod mini battery sucks. In less than a year, it went dead on me. So I went to this website showing how to replace the damn thing. (the battery). So I managed to disentangle the whole gizmo.

Dang, the screws are too small - the precision stuff I got became useless.
Then I scoured through Funan and High Street to see if I could get an ipod replacement battery kit.

But didn't find any. Plus that scrawny Apple dude gave me a snort for asking too many questions on where oh where can I get a mini battery. In the end he just sales-talked me to buy that new Ipod Nano.

Nano my ass.

If I don't get a battery soon -

..Mr. Ikea Smasher here will get busy.

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