Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jograd Farewell

the MM Hagibis, fr left to right (Munky "web god" Abella, Jorel "the preferred 3d artist" Martinez, Jograd, Ryan "to the left" Gallinera, Eng "autobot maker" Cadavero)

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Dog in the Manger

I stumbled upon this old fable and it strikes a chord.

A Dog looking out for its afternoon nap jumped into the Manger of an Ox and lay there cosily upon the straw. But soon the Ox, returning from its afternoon work, came up to the Manger and wanted to eat some of the straw. The Dog in a rage, being awakened from its slumber, stood up and barked at the Ox, and whenever it came near attempted to bite it. At last the Ox had to give up the hope of getting at the straw, and went away muttering:

"Ah, people often grudge others what they cannot enjoy themselves."

Sounds familiar?

This is a variant of that Filipino genetic anomaly called -

crab mentality. :p

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

3D Walkthru in Progress


Here's a shopping mall we are currently working on, to be built somewhere in Europe. For the first time I made full use of Vray Sun, which is quite easy to use. Also used extensive After Effects for the screenshots (these were lifted from the rendered frame sequences)..

Will be posting the walkthru when it's done. :D