Sunday, July 20, 2008

Movie Review: The Dark Knight (2008)


This is by far the BEST Batman movie in my books. Storyline is solid, the plot and subplots twist like fine opera. The most cerebral of all the Batman movies. Very little fun here, but a lot of excitement.

It wasn't called "dark" for nothing. The PG-13 rating in the film should read: DON'T bring any kid below 13. There are too many graphic scenes, though not as grotesque as those weird horror movies. It is the nature of the Joker character, the pure evil persona that will haunt you. Ironically Gotham here is mostly shot in daylight, yet the mood of the story is the darkest ever in the franchise.

Heath Ledger's performance was electrifying.. I won't be surprised if he gets an award for his role here. He upstages everyone, despite the fact that Bale, Caine, Oldman and even Eckhart gave great performances too. He really makes a terrifying Joker. The music score only darkened the mood further, with all those creepy sirens blaring whenever he is around.

It reaches a satisfying climax with a "social experiment". A test that blurs the boundaries of morality and self preservation. A defining moment which explains why Batman IS the superhero in the film and not anyone else.

I could go on and on why this is my favorite Batman movie for now, but I won't spoil the fine details for those who haven't watched it. Just go go go, see it, twice, thrice, but remember not to linger with it. It is meant to give nightmares. It is not "Spiderman" nor "Iron Man". More like "A Clockwork Orange".

The Joker puts it plainly: "Hit me!"

And this movie did.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Another Attempt..

.. of winning me, the old fan, back. Of me, getting to buy their latest album (I skipped St. Anger). From the demos I've heard so far, it's still gonna be a disappointment. We will never ever get to hear James Hetfield and the gang rock again. Ever. Again. Face it, Cliff is dead, Jason left.

At least, they brought back their pre-Load logo. Plus the concept art for the next album is quite interesting.. a magnetic coffin. I heard they were gonna package it like a coffin too. I just hope I don't bury it after listening to it.

For now i'll keep this as a wallpaper.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

MM Gets a Tag!!!


Super pick of the world?? A bit blechhh.. but hey, it's still something! :D