Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Holga Time

I have finally made my very first minute step into becoming the next Wong Kar Wai (hehe - NOT) of photography - got myself the HOLGA. For a few hundred bucks, it's all one could expect. The thing is made entirely of plastic - including the lens. In this age of digital SLRs, I took the lomography route - either because it's a retro thing or I am just plain stingy to get a hi-tech camera. Ok-ok I AM stingy.

I'm not sure what to accomplish with this gadget.. But just looking at those Holga shots .. Whew.. Here goes nothing..

So - I loaded the film, placed duct tape all over the camera till it resembles a black mummy, and off I go.. Took my first shot, then took a second using a red colour flash. But dang - I forgot to advance the film forward..

The next day I took it to the office and enthusiastically asked my seatmate if I could take his picture, who happily obliged. This time I used a yellow (or was it blue) colour flash. Nice. I didn't forget to advance the film this time, ha-ha. But then I forgot to remove the lens cap. Very nice.

Tonight I finished all 12 shots and unloaded the film carefully in subdued light. Will have it processed tomorrow and see whether I will indeed be infatuated with the camera as what the holga website claims.

Can't wait to see the results.. nuninuninu


and so


I couldn't wait indeed.

I googled "how to fake lomography in Photoshop" - and there WAS a technique to it.. "Lomodified", as they called it, a few of my stacked pictures in Shanghai:

It's in the vignette (in photography, any loss in clarity towards the corners and sides of an image, e.g. framing) effect, plus the overlaying of colors, exaggerating the primaries.. But this is only one Holga effect.. Anyhow, more lomodifications - this time, in 3D:

Whoa. Quite nice.. But it still works best on actual photos -

Gotta sleep now. My dear Holga, surprise me tomorrow.

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