Saturday, February 10, 2007

My First Lomo Shots :D

Went to Peninsula Plaza this morning where the supposedly good photo developer for Fuji films was. And did the Holga live up to its promise?

Ooh yeah man!

I like the first shot, the double exposure which I was referring to in a previous blog post. First was a red flash, overlaid with a white flash. The second shot I experimented with yellow. The third shot, in red, the fourth, in blue. The fifth shot was the one where I left the lens cap on. The rest of the shots were in white flash. Whatever happened to the other shots (there was supposed to be 12)? Well they got blurred or something, nothing showed up in the film..

The thing that I learned from using the Holga is that you need to be spontaneous with it. It really doesnt matter that the angle isn't correct or the lighting condition sucks, and like what I've learned from the first shot, sometimes a mistake will give you surprises. Pleasant ones.

I found the results of my first Holga shots amusing I decided to buy 2 types of film rolls: one for indoor and one for outdoor conditions. And this time, I've decided NOT to mummify the camera.

Let's now see those light leaks coming.. :D

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