Saturday, February 03, 2007

..Not to Mac

Too bad.. Beauty is not enough for me to grab the goods. In fact, in choosing my new laptop, it wasn't a major criteria at all. Bottomline is, I still need a purely intel chipset.

After strolling through Funan for like 3 hours, it came down to 3 choices - all with the same Core 2 Duo configuration and 1Gb RAM. First was an HP Pavilion, the second was a Sony Vaio, and the last was a Lenovo IBM Thinkpad.

The price difference was too difficult to resist. The HP and the Sony costed S$500-S$600 more.. Plus the salesperson was kind enough to throw loads of freebies.. So yeah, from dreaming about the beauty of a Mac, I found myself back into the arms of the grandfather of PCs - IBM. That black magnesium hard case.. Raw computing power man..!

So.. is anyone interested in a 2-yr old Dell Inspiron laptop? :p It's up for bids.. Specs are Pentium Centrino 1.5Ghz, 1 Gb RAM, 40 GB hard drive, DVDROM-CDwriter, SD card reader, 15.4" widescreen. Leave a comment here if you're keen.. (It's closed cos the "H" key got removed heee)..

..otherwise this will be part of my relief goods inventory hehe. Hmm..

So on final note, not to mac (for now at least). :p

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