Sunday, February 11, 2007

3D Post No. 17 - Wood Slats and the Moire Effect

Wood slats. A very distinct and persistent design element.

Any repetitive feature in a design is bound to complicate a 3D render. In this case, the slats themselves. In Vray you need to consider the antialiasing - the smaller the slats, the pixel output has to be bigger. Otherwise, "striping" will yield undesirable results, no matter how high the antialias parameter is set. And high antialias values means sloooowwww renders.

This is true for lines that are not perceived vertically or horizontally on a view.

In animation, this is one of the problems we encountered during the production of a condominium development. Good thing though, you can always revert back to the standard scanline renderer, which we did.

That is one of the pros with the scanline renderer - it has, to my mind, a sharper and cleaner antialiasing parameter set. To achieve that in Vray will mean loads of render times.

Amen to Scanline.


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