Thursday, July 12, 2007

Photo Blog - Thong Chai Medical Institution

To get an idea of how much Singapore is aggressively attracting foreign workers, try visiting the Ministry of Manpower, the agency that issues all foreign work permits. That place was jam-packed and I had to wait for 3 hours just to drop some documents..

It was almost 1pm, lunch time, when I left the building and I happened to pass by the Thong Chai Medical Institution, now the corporate office of Forever Living products. It wasn't a perfect day to shoot - it was a rainy day and there weren't much dramatic shadows anywhere.. nevertheless, made a few clicks:

Red and round, can't miss em..

..and the occasional greens. Those imperfections on the leaves made them quite interesting to shoot:

1:30pm. I'm hungry.

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glenoe said...

nice pics! they should have let you take the interiors as well (lots of interesting details in there). these pics reminds me of the visuals i did for them during the restoration.