Sunday, July 08, 2007

Movie Review: Transformers (2007)

After a hiatus from movies (in favor of my semi-photography addiction), I decided to go and watch Michael Bay's "Transformers".

I was never a fan of the series. For one, the animation quality is at par with Scooby Doo. Dragonball Z looked better. And I also found the concept of alien bell-bottomed robots transforming into boom boxes or beetles ridiculous. I couldn't resist watching it though, if only because of Peter Cullen's voice as Optimus Prime and that menacing Frank Welker's voice of Megatron.

And then I thought director Michael Bay is on the brink of oblivion - after producing some of the best action films ever ("The Rock", "Armageddon") he comes up with crap like "Pearl Harbor" and "The Island". Plus the initial reaction of the Transformers cult worldwide wasn't too encouraging, given that he redesigned much of the popular characters. He also admitted to being not really a fan of the animated series, which makes me think - uh-oh, another Xmen movie in the making. (Bryan Singer, the one responsible for that first Xmen movie [crap], wasn't a fan of the Xmen franchise either.) You gotta do what you love and love what you do.

With no high expectations, it just comes a surprise that I found the movie - AWESOME.

Michael Bay is back in full form. "Transformers" has recaptured the grunt of his filmmaking-explosive in most parts. Plus the fast pacing of "The Rock" is sprawled all over this mess of autobots and decepticons. And what a fine mess it is: ILM has done it again. They are still the lords of CG special effects. And "Transformers" was solid proof. Every CG aspect in the film was elaborate and eye-popping. Lucasfilm once declined applicant demo reels with mechanical animation, I suppose a paradigm shift is in order with the stunning transformation and kung fu action sequences by those mechas in this film. The first hour can test your patience into wondering where the hell are the autobots..? but the spectacular battle sequence towards the end was worth the wait. For lack of a better description, the fight scenes were - titanic.

The sound effects too were great. I love those sonic blasts and robotic sounds when they transform.. reminds me of how the laser blasts and light saber swings in Star Wars defined that franchise. It could possibly do the same for "Transformers".

Though I preferred Bumblebee just took a bath and maintained his old Camero look rather than changing to that modern version..

The movie was a bit too long for me though, and after gulping one large iced tea I had to miss a few minutes of the film.. dang..

But yeah I am going to watch it again, and/or get a DVD copy and wish the heavens for a sequel.

I'm now a fan. :D

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