Thursday, July 12, 2007

3D Post No. 35 - Ultraelectromagnetic 3D part 2

Some updates.. started doing the back details..

..and did some basic linkages, plus edited the model for a few poses.. (one of the many poses to come.. hehe.. with his arsenal of weapons of course.) Hopefully I can also construct a decent backdrop for him.. The top here isn't accurate - it's supposed to have 4 blades. Beware of the cylinder primitive.. it has, by default, 18 sides. Which isn't divisible by 4. Something I realized after editing the mesh to its shape.. good thing there is a thing called artistic freedom aka laziness to correct it further.. :D

..and here is a free wallpaper/poster.. just in case you're a Martial Law baby.. (sorry for the uneven masking, it was done haphazardly..)

(click on the image for a larger size)

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