Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows

I must admit, the first book had a huge influence in my reading habit. For one, I didn't have any. Only when I grabbed the "..Sorcerer's Stone" then I realized the joy of reading fiction. From then on I went into different sorts of novels including Tolkien, Paolini, Brown, Clancy, Gaarder, Ludlum and Puzo. But JK Rowling's was simply engrossing.

As for the movies, I thought "..Azkaban" was by far the best, even with the 5th movie out. (Will write my review of that one when I've gathered my thoughts on it.) It was definitive Potter and true to the book version. I also think "..Azkaban" was the best novel in the series.

I somehow stopped reading the Potter series after the "..Goblet of Fire".. (I still keep my collection intact though, with the 5th and 6th books shelved and untouched) but now that the 7th book is out, I can't wait to grab my copy and see how this modern masterpiece will end..


Ryan G. said...

ending...the good guys always win, esp. for a "children's" book like this.
I read a summary at
You can check it out in case u get tired reading / or too eager to know the ending. heheh

Aira said...

Hi Celes, I have a pdf file, thought it was a spoiler, turned to be the real thing when I got the book. It the darkest of all HP books, but a happy ending though.