Thursday, August 09, 2007

NDP 2007


August 9 is NDP 2007-Singapore's National Day Celebration. To me it was the best (and possibly only this year) opportunity to take my first fireworks shots.

I realized - this sort of photography takes a lot of patience, preparation and skill. And equipment for that matter. Patience because you need to be wary of the crowds of people who keep on bumping into your tripod. Preparation because you need to survey the area properly and pick a really good location (which I didn't have). Skill because this requires a manual setting all throughout. An aperture of 8-11, and preferably a bulb shutter speed. Equipment.. possibly a better camera, but not necessarily; what's more important is a really stable tripod. Mine came with the D40 promo package, which, like the rest of the freebies, are substandard.

And since my individual shots are far from outstanding, I have never done any heavy compositing in my photos except for this one image. As Ryan would put it, "so much for photography". Hehe.

Oh well. Everybody misses the first time. But I guess I'll just stick with everyday photography.

"Waiting for the bus to arrive.. hmm.. but is my bus number stopping at this station?"

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