Monday, August 20, 2007

Little India in Singapore

Excerpts from the Uniquely Singapore website:

"The first Indian settlers in Singapore arrived with Sir Stamford Raffles as assistants and soldiers back in 1819. In the late 19th century, many more Indian immigrants arrived to find work, be it as labourers to build roads or to take up key positions in the civil service."

"Today, Little India is the focal point of Singapore's Indian community. Its spice-scented streets beckon you to a cornucopia of ethnic jewellery, jasmine garlands and silk saris. From the large Tekka Centre and Little India Arcade to the small provision shops, Little India is packed with interesting things to discover... Witness also the faith of devotees during the colourful and ritualistic Thaipusam in Jan/Feb each year."

an elegant rocking horse

pigeon convention

street vendors

auntie by the side of the temple wall

rainy day in little india

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Ryan G. said... seem very free eh?! gonna break u'r record of number of posts per month.

cool pics though...i can see u'r style emerging. keep shootin'