Wednesday, August 15, 2007

3D Post No. 39 - Mushroom Animation Sequence

the task was how to translate the 2D logo into an animated 3D effect. here's concept no.1 - constructing the logo into lathe segments and revealing the section of the logo as the lathe revolves. hmm...

1. full mushroom shape

2. lathe segments revolve

3. cross section of the profile

4. testing a vray toon effect

5. the logo as designed

with much help from master norvin (:D) here are the settings for rendering the animation sequence:

1. Primary bounce QMC (to minimise flickering), 25 subdivisions
2. Secondary bounce LC, 3000 subdivisions (trying out 1000)
3. LC mode to single frame.

will see the results in 3 hours.
..i need more studies..

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