Thursday, August 23, 2007

Canon EOS D40 er 40D

Interesting.. I have just hit the 10,000 shot with my Nikon D40 (sweetly enough, the 10,001st shot was Enzo with his Cake :p) and here comes an interesting development from Canon.. the EOS 40D (what's with the D's and the 40's??) -

Get this: for something like S$2k, it's got a 28-135mm standard kit lens, 10Mp, uses DIGIC III (the latest digital rebels, 350D and 400D, still use DIGIC II), and a 6.5fps (frames per second) count.. whoa, that's gonna be perfect when the F1 race comes to town.. It's also got a "live view" mode for awkward shots (like ground macros, etc) where you can preview the shot in its 3" LCD screen.. (much like the compact digitals) Hmm..

Nuninuninu.. Either that, or to save my current lens set, I'd target this: when will that be.. probably in a year's time.. unless someone decides to sell their old D200 camera body.. hehehe :p

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