Friday, November 10, 2006

Death Angel Rocks!

They say you should never revisit your childhood heroes. They're better in your head than in real life..

Well sorry to disappoint guys but these quintet of metal geniuses which I listened to since way back when, are still around and unlike the aging metal gods Metallica, they still kick ass! Got to listen one track from their 2004 album - The Art of Dying - and woooo! Still got the same edge as "Kill As One" and their experimental stuff in "Act III". The reason why I like these guys is because unlike the other thrash metal stuff, their songs are well structured and very melodic. No trashy stuff and pointless screams, just pure MUSIC. (Sort of like a better version of Megadeth.)

Yeah.. and the best part is that these guys are FILIPINOS. 100%. 5 more reasons to be proud indeed.

Check em out here.

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