Friday, November 17, 2006

3D Post No. 7 - Ambient Occlusion

I see really good scanline stuff occasionally - done by either very talented individuals or because they have loads of hours to spend editing. But one setback to using scanline is that it produces poor shadows hence making the objects float.

This technique might help improve a scanline output - a technique called ambient occlusion. Ambient occlusion is simply "a ratio of how much ambient light a surface point would be likely to receive. It simulates a huge dome light surrounding the entire scene etc etc."

Ok experiment, experiment. Got this one click AO generator from Da_Rock.. Thanks again dude.. MKAY!

Here are the 3 steps I used for this example. Pulled out one of my old scanline renders, an old dark room with some ballet images:

Next step: using the plugin, rendered my AO pass..

Finally, compositing in Photoshop with some color correction.

Yeah! Im quite satisfied with the result.. :D

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