Thursday, November 16, 2006

3D Post No. 5 - NPR

Kudos to Pineapple Ryan, picked up a lot of techniques from this post of his. (Thanks!) Tried applying the colour channels in this old piece of work, a house designed for one of my company's directors. Having rerendered the model, I realized the reflection on the cyan area below was a previous error that I overlooked. It's just not physically accurate to have a strong reflection there, when everything else in that perimeter area is made of the same glass material.

Anyway, what the heck.. I am not a total advocate of realistic 3D stills. So an occasional error I can tolerate :D.

I really dig those old-school architectural sketches. But I am not thinking of filtering this 3D render in PhotoShop or Piranesi with those water color effects.. I thought ok, I'll just try to "stylize" this render in a different way - experimenting with the traditional GI render plus flat landscape elements.

I'll have to work out on my environment settings though. I feel that I've been doing a lot of "a storm is coming" sort of lighting effects lately.. :D

In the meantime, go check out those 3D websites with .cn - forums in China - never mind that you won't understand their text, these sites are repositories of amazing renders. Buttrock.

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