Saturday, January 27, 2007

To Mac or Not to Mac


Apple has finally(!) switched to intel-based processors. This means a Mac can run Windows applications (you can use XP on a Mac Pro as an alternate OS) such as AutoCAD or 3D Studio Max.. Yum.. With stunning graphics and what should be a better platform to do 3D.. it begs the question.. do I ditch the intel-based laptop for a Mac Book Pro?

I've got several issues that need resolving though..

  1. Being the first switch to PC land.. Mac Pro is bound to get some bugs. Just because it can run Windows applications now, doesn't mean it will run without pains. Birth pains. Yeah, someone tested 3D Studio Max or any Autodesk application on a Mac Pro.. according to his claim, it annoyingly reauthorizes the license everytime you reboot..
  2. There were several problems with Adobe Photoshop CS and Macromedia..
  3. For the same speed.. I'd be paying double for a Mac. But of course.. after 2 years, you stare at a Mac and it still turns you on.. whereas for a PC.. blech..
  4. Switching from a PC keyboard to a Mac keyboard.. dang.. this'll be some sort of procedural shift.. if I do have a Mac at home.. then I meet my office PC I'd shout "who the hell took my option key??"

Irresistible though.. hmmm.. Stay tuned.. I've got a week to decide :D

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glenoe said...

'beautiful' - one way to describe it hehe...