Monday, January 22, 2007

Movie Review: Apocalypto

Mel Gibson has never abandoned his Mad Max roots. That film drove me to the same intensity of vengeance on the antagonists - which was exactly how the movie portrayed it.. swift cold and brutal. And then there was Braveheart notable for its gore and savagery. Or was it The Passion of the Christ?
Apocalypto is genuine Mel Gibson. Mel Gibson humor of course. Ok, with a lot of sadism. (That's his fetish.) He has crossed over the samurai film genre here - you'll get what I mean when you've decided to watch it. :D Forget that sometimes the story goes on a ridiculous turn, the film was a visual feast. No dull moments here, everything is frenetically paced and you can't exactly predict where the story will lead to. Unless of course you've read the spoilers.. but after Happy Feet I'm done with all the hypes.

Bottom line is here's one movie where you can just sit and get on with the movie's flow, enjoy the stunning screenplay, and watch as the ancient Mayan wall hieroglyphic images come to life. (Also watch the Mayan folks eat cadaver.) It was great ride enough for me to forget about the lame ending.

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