Friday, January 19, 2007

3D Post No. 12 - Porsche (Pors-huh)

I discovered a few years ago that Porsche is more commonly pronounced as "por-shey" in Singapore rather than the American silent e "porsh". Duh, it's a German word. "Porshuh" is the proper way of saying it.

I did a lot of Porsche Showroom 3D's that I'll have to start counting. Too many to mention, and too many to place in one post (some were done aimlessly) so I'll just fill this blog in with the latest batch. They all look the same because of the corporate ID thing for their showrooms. Same facade style same reception desk same trapezium wall same posters blah blah blah. In 3D this is like playing an RPG game. The first showroom I ever did took me a week to do the exterior and a handful of interiors - the succeeding ones only took me a day :p That's off-the-shelf 3D rendering for you. No more building of models, just use the lovely merge command.

Well I did experiment with rendering some branches in Vray or scanline. And this is one of those projects which I prefer to do in scanline.. No, I'm not ready to sign up for the vray-must-die movement yet.. :p If ever a 3D plugin deserves to be assassinated, that's *bleep* :D


Ryan G. said...

heh...they should reward u as well with a Porsche to drive off with. =P
Nice renders as usual.

glenoe said...
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glenoe said...

reminds me of the university our section (AR-2), we used to have our own unique trademarks stamped in our design plates. one classmate always draw an army tank in his perspectives, mine was always a porshey.