Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nikon D60

Yup it was announced already.. the new sibling of D40, the D60, which I was anticipating to fill in what the D40 SHOULD have - a built-in AF motor, and an AE bracketing feature. It could stay with 6MP for all I care -

Disappointingly none of these made it to the D60. In fact there is no difference at all, if there is, very subtle.. an anti-dust system, 10MP, and some other features which I don't give a shit about.

They even look exactly the same.

A real letdown.. dunno if that new EXPEED (same as the D3 and D300) processor makes a difference though.. We'll see.

I think Canon's leap from EOS 400D to 450D was more significant.

For now - zero excitement about this "update". If you can call it that. For D40 users, a significant upgrade is still the D80 or the D300 (if you've got the money to throw away).

Similarly when the D40x came shortly after the D40, I'd keep my fingers crossed for a possible D60x.

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