Saturday, November 24, 2007

Rock and Shoot at the Arena, Clark Quay

It was a good venue for Pinoy bands who rocked.. :) and for the Pinoy CSers (clubsnappers, a photography enthusiast group in Singapore) to fire away their shots, who incidentally also organized the event. Some of the bands who played:

mesh p (among the other bands, they have got the most awesome stage presence)

quiverpool (their bassist was a good subject.. he had the blues look, definitely got charisma on stage)

mesh p (did i say they were vibrant all over the stage?)

quiverpool (rattle and hum look)

tone def (not sure about their name, but they belted out hard rock tunes.. yeah!)

mesh p (loved the two musicians' silhouettes)

quiverpool (he could pass for buddy guy)

mr. brosnan (the band that played the most originals)

tone def (rock star effect)

mr. brosnan (pure pinoy music)


glenoe said...

very nice shots dude! the lightings and smoke effects were really fantastic in this venue. i wish i had the chance to shoot 'hybrid kamote'(meshp)but needed to warm-up and prepare backstage.
you should join us (PinoyCSers) for the outings one of these weekends. -- Tutik

celes said...

yeah that was a great venue indeed..
thanks for the invite dude hopefully will have more free weekends like the last one.. it's quite rare especially with our line of work.