Thursday, November 01, 2007

3D Post No. 40-something - Render Settings


As you may have noticed, I have nothing much to do re 3D interiors lately - just playing around with those libraries (both 3D and materials) that I have built, collected, begged for, over the past months.

To make this entry useful, perhaps I will share my Vray settings here: (can't read the text? click the image to blow em up :p)

image sampler is set to -1, 2 for an acceptable antialiasing quality. indirect illumination is set to light cache (much faster than the old but reliable QMC), set to .8 to avoid overbleeding of colors. color mapping is set to exponential at .8, 3 to give that sharp hi-contrast look to the image.

irradiance map is set to low. you don't really need to render a still image using a high setting for this. almost like rendering at 50% radiosity, which is really all you need. there is always neatimage to fill in the cleaning part for the noisy results anyway.

light cache settings here only work for stills. for animation, you need to increase the subdivisions and reduce sample sizes. environment is set to dark blue to create that subtle bluish tone. QMC sampler controls the noise quality and global subdivisions. increase the multiplier and you automatically increase all subdivision values by that multiplier.. for example if a vray light has 8 subdivisions, a multiplier of 2 will override it at 16 value. 8x2=16.

when i've got the time i always try to jack up all the settings to give me a more solid GI solution and cleaner renders. the trouble is, there is never enough time.

I just needed blog about something I guess.. goodnight folks.

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