Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Welcome to my 3D World

I do lots of 3D. 3D for architecture, interiors. Some people think I'm good at it, some don't. Either way, no one can stop me from loving it.. and as one 3D guy said, "you're only as good as your last render".

Quite ironic that my favorite piece is the one posted here. It's a rendering of an oriental interior done about 3 years ago.. With the advent of more advanced 3d software, I've got better recent works but this one has a significance not only to my individual skills, but to the other 3D lords who have stamped their talents on this image.

The team involved in producing this was the early DDG team. It started out as an actual project but during one of my spare times I thought it would be cool to consolidate some of the elements the team members have worked on.. Mon modeled the bed, Rolz - the display cloth, Richard - the plants and the Buddha head, Myx - the standing Siddhartha, can't remember whether Diegh did anything here but we were probably making fun of him while we were doing the models (hehe). And Alex introduced me to the wonders of Vray (this is a rendering system which makes your images look real - we call it G.I. or Global Illumination technique). I did the final materials, lighting, camera angles and the other 3d elements. In between, Starcraft and Generals breaks with Mir and Dennis.. Then voila

There, I'm reminiscing again. But only because there are some people you have worked with - the ones who have got real talent, real skill, unpretentious, positive and dedicated - that are worth remembering.

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chris said...

lupit nito ser a, parang totoo gusto kong higaan hahahah