Monday, October 23, 2006

Etch Us Days Revisited

nols bing johnpaul celes vizky

Yup I'm reminiscing.. band days. Used to play with 4 other brods - Bing on guitars, Vizky on drums, Nols on vocals, John Paul on his feet.. haha.. to disguise our (my) lack of talent, we didn't (cannot) play covers and so ended up doing our own stuff - not that we wanted to cut a record deal or anything, just to have material to play on stage. To (Etch) Us, being in a band was simply to play and get some rockin' time going.. ending up in Tomas Morato's Persian Kebab after a gig, gobbling shawarma would be the ultimate reward back then :).

This song was originally written by Nols and Bing.. didn't really get to notice how poetic the lines were until now. It does sound a bit suicidal.. but that's probably part of the rebellious (and idiotic) side of youth.. you get lost in love's tug-of-war and you'd feel pretty much the same way the song goes.. haha. Nevertheless I found the song cool, much cooler if you would get to listen to the melody - it started out with Sandman-like riffs then eventually ended up with a blues-like groove..

Spider on the Ceiling

As I drift into my endless sleep
I look up at the spider as it gently weeps
Its web engulfs the neon flames
As I recall my endless shame

Spider on the ceiling
Don't weep for me

I look up at the spider in the air -
As I think of this world which for me hath no care

Spider on the ceiling
Don't weep for me

Slowly but surely I drift into slumber

The spider in confusion looks back at me and wonder

Spider on the ceiling

Don't weep for me

..hope we can record the song in digital format soon..:)

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