Sunday, December 28, 2008

Test Drive D90

The D90, Nikon's latest amateur DSLR. This gizmo is great.. wouldn't bother with getting the D300 anymore since the image processing and quality is practically the same, if not better (and for S$1000 more? no way). The D3? Out of my (pocket) league.

Funny thing though, color comparisons with the images between this and my D40 made me realize that - I prefer the output of the D40.. Although in high ISOs, the D90 delivers great images. Plus now, I can autofocus with my 50mm 1.8f/d lens. What's more the D90 has Live View and a great 3.0" screen. And did I mention the D90 can already record movies?

For now, I still need to play with the color modes. One thing's for sure - The D90 is gonna kick some serious SLR butt.


Lob Eng said...

Look like a cool camera too me, I'll taking my chance on it as this is the first time I will be switching to such camera.

Unknown said...

Bought the D90? Kla ko ba diehrad d40 ka :-)