Saturday, September 13, 2008

Death Magnetic

. are my reasons why, track by track:

1. That Was Just Your Life starts off like Battery + noticeable difference in James' vocals apparent.. he's back to growling rather than singing + infectious groove all throughout the song + some middle riffs reminiscent of The Four Horsemen + Yes! Kirk's doing a solo again!

2. The End of the Line catchy riff at the beginning + great riff shift at 1:00.. enters a Master of Puppets / Creeping Death style structure + there goes Kirk again.. unleashed + the guitar and drum punches are back + song enters a Load-style section but what the heck.. + only two songs so far and that's it.. this record already rocks!

(by this time, it's safe to max out the volume!)

3. Broken, Beat & Scarred this wouldve probably been a song off the Justice album.. + great riffs , great lyrics + best James vocals in this song

4. The Day that Never Comes by now, I'm a bit deaf.! time for a slower track..without the sissy attitude of Load and St. Anger.. and this One-type fits well + this is a definitive Metallica slow song of old.. not as good as Fade to Black or Sanitarium but close.. perhaps after 50 playbacks, it will become a classic +"love is a four-letter word"?

5. All Nightmare Long interesting Middle eastern intro.. then transcends to one of the album's great riffs + this one is pure thrash.. reminiscent of Whiplash and Ride the Lightning + my favorite track in the album!!

6. Cyanide this has been my the subject of my LSS for the past few days + it gets better and better

7. Unforgiven III WTF.. ill pass this one for the title. + anyway still sounds ok. no hints from the horn intro of the first Unforgiven-s + well.. not the best track in the album.. but Ride the Lightning had Escape right?

8. The Judas Kiss after a meh song, a redeeming one! + this is the album's version of Leper Messiah

9. Suicide and Redemption the 10 minute instrumental song is back!

10. My Apocalypse .. and so is the sonic end song like Dyer's Eve or Damage Inc. + pure pure pure Metallica

all in all.. album is fast awesome and listenable for another 3 years.. on a daily basis.. and best played LOUDDD..


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