Sunday, June 29, 2008

3D Rant II

Here's an update -

The renegade 3D file that opens in 30 minutes just bloated to bizarre proportions. Cannot merge or save selected geometry because it maintains that same large file size even if it only contains 1 spline or 1 camera. I tried running the gc() utility (garbage collector) which used to work on 3ds Max 7 for bloated files.

Didn't work.

Installed the new Max 2009 just in case it could actually fix the problem.

Ended up waiting for 1 hour, and the file refuses to give in. To give you an idea of the extent of the project, the image below is only 10% of the stuff we are working on:

Our suspicion for the file bloat was when we started importing Cad files. The client gave us an update, we merged the new plan into the scene. It occurred with everyone in the team who's involved in the project, and most of them were doing portions of the whole development while I handled the overall site. Previous to this 3D quagmire I had thousands of trees and a poly count of millions, and I can still edit those quite ok. But so many revisions have already been incorporated. So now, I'm in a 3D hellhole.

Against my will I have SOS'd in Autodesk's AREA to see if there is a remedy to it.

Oh well.. Best (or worst) way to deal with this waiting thing is to have a cigarette while the computers are busy loading and saving. :p

..or blog. Something which I haven't been doing for some time.. :D

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Ryan G. said...

remedy u say?!...

Max 2010 here we come by end year.