Sunday, March 16, 2008

DVD Reviews: Phone Booth and The Iron Giant

My back hurts today from too much work. So i decided to stay in my couch for a while and run two unplayed DVDs from my collection -

First, Phone Booth. After finishing Batman Forever I decided not to see any Joel Schumacher movies for the time being. But this movie redeems himself, totally. It reminded me of that Johnny Depp movie a few years back, Nick of Time. That was one great pacing.. Colin Farrell and Kiefer Sutherland gave great performances in this one. How does a film stay watchable even if it runs for 90 minutes in only one location? Watch this and find out :D

Second, The Iron Giant. This movie isn't as big as any of Pixar's blockbusters, and you'd probably ask: why the hell not??? Animation junkies, if you haven't seen this yet drop that Spongebob VCD and grab this instead. This film is probably one of the best combos of traditional and digital animation. Vray toon lovers will get a fix with this.

Time to work again, and my back is still breaking..

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