Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Day Two - Kyoto

.batman probably began on the Kiyomizu Temple

Kiyomizu Temple fortune documents ready for collection

My D40 was put to the test when snow started to fall.. At one point the camera didn't detect the lens! But the camera survived somehow (I was patient enough to wipe the lens and the camera body every two shots or so) and produced some really nice shots during our second day of the tour, in Kyoto. In the middle of the snow storm I decided to set the camera in high ISO to capture the snow itslef instead of the snow trails, and optimized most of the images in black and white to highlight the contrasts.

Kyoto being the old capital (?) is sprawling with traditional style houses and ancient castles and temples.. Being first timers of course, we visited the postcard-friendly ones..

entrance to the Kiyomizu Temple

dragon drool for everyone



..and more snow

..won't stop this guy from taking pics

..and won't stop tourists either

scene from the gutter

a real cat and her kitten.. not

Japanese schoolgirls (the real ones)

opening shop

Kyoto street scenes

footprints in the snow

and bike trails too

spot the golden pavilion?

umbrella party

entrance to the pavilion

my snow-capped umbrella

bell shrine

cat no. 3: "present ma'am"


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