Sunday, December 16, 2007

Wide Angle and Macro Teleconverter

Just acquired this useful addition to my lens.. a wide angle and macro teleconverter. This one I got from my new favorite camera shop, Lords Cameras and Watches at Lucky Plaza. Yes, LP, which is a haven for rude electronics retailers, has a diamond in its rough. Their prices are much lower, they are listed as a Nikon distributor, and the guy is a really nice dude. I was merely scouting for either a wide angle 12-24 lens or a fisheye Nikkor but he dissuaded me and offered me the teleconverter instead. He says spending over a thousand bucks is not worth it - so he offered me this 200 dollar deal..

..and it exactly does what I want it to do. It enables me to stretch my 18mm further to a wider angle (albeit the distortion, which I actually like, giving me that fisheye effect) . The macro is also great, the close up shots are awesome.

the gang in wide angle

lego vader

the witch king of angmar

e-centre @ redhill

red gundam

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