Friday, June 15, 2007

The SB-400

D50 owner Jerwin introduced me to this accessory for the D40. Read about it here. So I indulged myself with it - I got mine from John 3:16 photo supplies in Funan. Got it fr this dude:

I suppose their shop's name suggests they are a Christian business... Besides they keep on calling each other "sisters" and "brothers"...

Ok.. tests.. I took the above picture using the "auto-no flash" setting in the camera dial, with white balance set to automatic. The noise is very obvious here since it was taken in dim situations and the iso was set to 1600. The higher the iso, the noisier it gets. To eliminate noise, that's where my SB-400 will come in handy.

So I tested it if it really is worth the S$210 I paid for - Can you tell which one below is a result of the built-in flash or the SB-400?

Very slight difference for close objects I think.. these are the images you get on a normal flash pointing directly at the subjects. Quite dull in most situations.

The real reason why I got this external flash is because of bounce lighting.

And it didn't disappoint - tilted the flash 90 degrees upwards, here's what I got:

Shadows and highlights are more natural in this photo. :) Cool!


and on one corner - I noticed the envy of the other gadgets with the attention my D40 gets -


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jg said...

looks like you've been bitten by the photobug also, nice photos. people here in the bay area (mark, tubay, even asa's husband jingoy) have gotten into the hobby also during the past couple of years. keep shooting and posting.