Thursday, May 24, 2007

3D Post No. 28 - The Last Project

..from my last company in Manila before moving to Singapore. This was a massive reclamation project in China, it required a lot of design inputs (conceptually) from the 3D team. The designer just provided us with the masterplan and zoning, the rest of the details (architectural and extra-architectural) were a result of the team's creative (ahem) prowess. It pays to play RPGs such as Sim City back then, as long as you can construct a 3D primitive, all it takes is a neat architectural diploma (or perhaps none at all) to come up with our own building designs. Sometimes it helps that you aren't an architect at all, your mind is free from the boundaries of architectural conventions. Not that the concepts done here were spectacular at all, but with what i witnessed from the non-archi members of my team, they could eat the other mediocre architects alive.

The final rendering and details though were enhanced by whoever was left of that company, I just got involved in the early stages of this zone-the massing and general heights of the structures. I probably did only 30% of this bit, and there were 4 zones more! It was cool to see the unfinished completed - with a bang. Those guys are quite good.. at least I left the company in good hands. :D

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