Thursday, December 14, 2006

Copying Wong Kar Wai

If I would make my wishes this year, I'd want -

  1. to be the next Wong Kar Wai
  2. to capture even half his vision..
Since no. 1 is too remote a possibility, no. 2 would suffice. I have several ways to achieve that -
  1. try to mimic his imagery in 3d;
  2. steal as much pictures over the net and come up with a Wong Kar Wai filter;
  3. buy me a new Holga camera
3d.. well.. maybe. Steal? Nope. Holga seems like a good start. Besides, this camera is much cheaper than any of those digi SLRs (can't afford them for now). It's a camera made entirely of plastic. Yeah. Even the lens. Looks more like a disposable toy.. but this gizmo can do magic.

Here's one sample from the Holga gallery.. nice shot. Very Wong Kar Wai-ish..

Now I am pondering when to buy one..

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